In November of 2003, soon after escrow closed on property purchased exclusively for MOISTURE (Phase 2), we initiated a multi-pronged water-retention & garden project. The group, headed by Claude Willey, Bernard Perroud, and Deena Capparelli, with additional support from Mark Tsang and Adam Belt, rapidly developed plans to work on the 15-acre portion of uninhabited land, just Northwest of Hinkley, CA. After a series of meetings, the group drafted designs for the positioning of a funnel, in the site's main wash, to be used in the collection and diversion of water to a series of circular gardens. Our main goal: to create a subtle micro-climatic shift on the property along with a dedicated multi-year plan for the site's maintenance. Simply put, we wished to physically change a small portion of the desert environment, but with a very light hand.


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